Best reasons to quit smoking

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When you quit smoking you will see immediate benefits to your health, your looks, your sense of taste and smell, your fitness and your finances. You will feel better and improve the health of your family and friends.

Health benefits

When you quit, it immediately improves your health and wellbeing. Smoking damages your body, and is a proven risk factor for fatal or debilitating diseases and conditions, including cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.

Quitting smoking means no more stains on your fingers and teeth and you will no longer smell of cigarette smoke. You won’t only look better but you will feel better too because your body is healthier and your fitness level is improved.

Psychological and social benefits

Quitting is a chance to be who you want to be and allows you to feel more comfortable in social situations. With most public and work places now smoke free, being a smoker can increase barriers to socialising.

Research has shown that 3 to 6 months after quitting, ex-smokers have less stress and anxiety than before they quit. Smokers have more stress because they are constantly dealing with the anxiety that cravings cause.

Financial benefits

Quit smoking and you will have extra money. 

Would you like to spend 2 weeks in a palace, to save money for a new car or a new house ? It’s easy to calculate how much you will save, just do it.